Dear EERA Joint Programme on Smart Cities members,

Last 14th November 2016 in Barcellona the JPSC Steering Committee approved the EERA Joint Programme on Smart Cities EDITORIAL STRATEGY based on setting up of a Special Issues Serie to facilitate paper submission (free of charge for JPSC members)  in an international scientific journal with impact factor, as well as to promote scientific knowledge alignment within smart cities framework and, last but not least, to stimulate the growth of our scientific network.

Then last 30th June 2017 in Bologna the JPSC Steering Committee approved SPECIAL ISSUES SERIE BODY, namely:   Scientific Board, Editorial Board, Managing Editor.

The call for abstract is now open and will close 22nd December.

Our aim is to publish (on line and printed version)  EERA JPSC special issue 1/2018 “European Pathways to Smart Cities” next June 2018.


Since their creation eight years ago, the EERA Joint Programmes and their participating institutions have accumulated important knowledge on the specific topic of each of the several programmes they carried out.

This includes Smart Cities, which refers to the main outlines of the EERA JPs on Smart Cities Workplan, focusing on innovative solutions based on interdisciplinary approaches, as needed to face the highly complex structure of a future smart energy system at urban scale.

Finding a distinct definition for Smart Cities might lead to extensive discussions among experts covering many areas related to energy technology development, environmental issues, politics and socio-economic aspects.

However, following the outline of the Smart Cities and Communities Initiative of the European SET-Plan, Smart Cities are clearly characterized by the extensive use of low carbon technologies combined with a smart energy management based on innovative design and operation of the entire system at city level as well applied innovation, better planning, a more participatory approach, higher energy efficiency, better transport solutions, intelligent use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), etc.


The aim of special issue n°1/2018 is to highlight scientific contributions achieved by EERA Joint Programme on Smart Cities members in the area of research and experimentation to demonstrate that research and innovation is needed to promote transition towards smart cities and to “capture” the added value which can support urban stakeholders in planning and management process.

To fulfill this goal the special issue n°1/2018 structure will include:

starting session -  to highlight aims, goals  and foreword by JPSC Scientific Board Coordinator,  EERA EXCo member, JPSC chairs, SITdA Scientific Board Coordinator;

dossier – to highlight JPSC contribution to create a roadmap towards the  European coming Smart Cities by JPSC Scientific Board, to illustrate facts and figures in JPSC from 2010 to now by Expert Pool Coordinators, to highlight the scientific point of view on coming Smart Cities by a research community that is not fully involved in JPSC to stimulate an international dialogue and align on potential joint actions.

papers – our aim is to publish 20 or 22 papers (14 or 15 reserved to JPSC members and free of charge) in the topics of:

Energy in cities and simulation tools;  Energy Networks;  Building; Supply Technology.

Papers will be presented in 2 different section: “research and experimentation” and “essay and viewpoints”.

The aim of the whole section is to proof to urban stakeholder facts and figure of research and innovation in smart cities, to promote trust, to support alignment in policy and development/managing of urban challenges.

final dossier – our aim is to promote a virtual round table with urban stakeholder key note speaker selected among government/governative, financial/funding, business process management, analyst, IT project and Big Data, urban services and eCommerce, construction/design and real estate, social/civil society and international non EU organization. The goal is to stimulate a virtual debate to figure how to pave pathways towards European Smart Cities.


Dear EERA Joint Programme on Smart Cities members, I hope to be effective in illustrating aims and goals of this time consuming activity that me and  the whole Scientific Board support on a volunteer basis.

Good luck and finger cross to all of us!

Paola Clerici Maestosi

JPSC Scientific Board Coordinator



Coordinator: Paola Clerici Maestosi, JPSC WP4 coordinator – ACADEMY

Members: Mauro Annunziato, Miimu Airaksinen, Hatef Madani Larijani, Ana Lazaro, Ambrosio Liceaga, Hans-Martin Neumann, Annemie Wyckmans



The composition of EDITORIAL BOARD is a joint working group of JPSC Scientific Board and SITdA Scientific Board, namely:  Miimu Airaksinen, Ernesto Antonini, Paolo Civiero (assistant editor) Carola Clemente, Paola Clerici Maestosi, Hatef Madani Larijani, Ana Lazaro, Ambrosio Liceaga, Mario Losasso, Marco Milardi, Elena Mussinelli, Hans-Martin Neumann, Massimo Rossetti, Sergio Russo Ermolli, Annemie Wyckmans,



Techne Special Issue 1/2018 on “European Pathways to Smart Cities” sits in this framework, as a first step of the cooperation between EERA JPSC - European Energy Research Alliance Joint Programme on Smart Cities and SITdA - Società Italiana della Tecnologia dell'Architettura, with the objective to highlight the different researches and approaches emerging in the European transition towards the Smart Cities.

Techne, Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment

ISSN online: 2239-0243

Subject area: Engeneering, Architecture

ANVUR - GEV 08 –Scientific Journal, class A VQR



Firenze University Press



See attached files:  Scopus - TECHNE_01; Scopus – TECHNE_02