Sub-Programme 4 Urban City-related Supply Technologies

Urban City-related Supply Technologies

coordinated by Campus Iberus and AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology

One of the principal ideas behind smart cities is the efficient integration of on-site renewable energy sources into buildings and networks. Energy supply technologies such as heat pumps, solar thermal, photovoltaics, energy storage units, etc. play a key role in this context. The development of smart integrated energy networks will require both new components and systems, as well as a better understanding of how to integrate distributed supply technologies into urban infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This sub-programme aims to develop a methodology capable of dealing with complex integration of thermal and electrical energy technologies, and enabling the design and evaluation of renewable technologies integrated at district or city level. This will require the development of an appropriate modelling and simulation framework including numerical component models and libraries and an integrated, flexible and adaptive multi-level decision support framework. In addition the city-industry interaction will be investigated to optimise available synergies such as the use of waste heat from industrial processes.

Work Packages

WP 1 Framework for Development of Multi-purpose Component-oriented Models
WP 2 Development of Componentoriented Model Libraries
WP 3 System Integration
WP 4 City-Industry Interaction
WP 5 Technology Assessment
WP 6 Scientific Methods for Quality Assessment for Urban-related Energy Supply Technologies