Taskforce on Simulation Platform Development

Scientifically led by University of Nottingham and AIT, embedded within all 4 SPs

A detailed and systemic approach is required to understand, simulate and optimise the emergent properties of complex urban energy systems. The key aim is to support stakeholders’ decisions to maximise cities’ energy autonomy and thus minimise their associated greenhouse gas emissions. This support can be provided by simulations that address and integrate all key elements of the urban energy system at appropriate spatiotemporal resolutions.

As simulation-based decision support cuts across all topics of the Joint Programme, the Taskforce on Simulation Platform Development spans all four sub-programmes. Its key task is to evaluate the state-of-the-art in the modelling and simulation of urban energy systems, to identify gaps in simulation capabilities based on user requirements and to provide an overview of the data available and required for future simulation tools. The overall aim is to maximise synergies and complementarities between the individual sub-programmes in this field. It is anticipated that the Taskforce will, in the future, coordinate the development of a new integrated comprehensive urban energy simulation platform to support decision making at a range of spatiotemporal scales and future time horizons.